Kung Fu Uniform Set Satin Acetate w/long Sleeve (Style 101-A) (Style 101-A)


This is one of its kinds. It is simple and elegant. It’s not only comfortable due to its satin acetate material covering but also it is made by hand under great supervision. It comes with long sleeves which makes it perfect for every season. It is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to learn kung fu indifferent of the age. It comes in different sizes and colors so you always have the freedom to choose between funky or simple style. One of the greatest advantages of buying Kung Fu uniform in Satin Acetate Long sleeve is that it is washing machine friendly. Our seamstress can custom the uniform with frog-styled or interlocking styled. Both will make it look totally awesome. This uniform provides the wearer the opportunity to express his inner satisfaction in the arena of Kung fu. Therefore, get yourself this dress and discover your inner Kung fu ability.

- Product is not in stock. Fabrics/materials are in stock. Custom made upon received your order.
- Superior Quality made by our seamstresses in California, USA. Guaranteed quality!
- Long Sleeve top with Pant (uniform set)
- Perfect for daily practice
- Variety of different color selections

- Available in black, white, red, blue, green or gold.
- Trim and buttons available in black, white, red, blue, green or gold.
- Frog or interlocking buttons.
- Note: The pants will come with stripes that matching trim color.

- Satin Acetate
- Dry Clean or Hand Wash only!


Kung Fu Uniform Set Satin Acetate w/long Sleeve (Style 101-A)

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