Jonie Uniforms provides the martial arts community with a wide variety of both practice and exhibition essentials that include our beautifully tailored Kung-Fu uniforms and eye-catching banners since 1991. We also offer a large selection of lion dance and dragon dance costumes and much more. Our banners announce your school’s presence at any tournament or parade, while the lion dance costumes in their vibrant colors are sure to make a lasting impression!

We offer a full line of Martial Arts Supplies and Accessories… all at extremely competitive prices. Our uniforms are made in the United States. If you are confused about what type of uniform is right for your needs, there are few simple guidelines that may be helpful. In general, long sleeved uniforms are considered Northern style. Southern style martial artists usually wear the sleeveless and short sleeved uniforms. Tai Chi and Wushu uniforms are remarkably similar in style despite marked differences in the Kung-Fu. Typically their uniforms are long sleeved and made from fabrics that drape well.

Most of our uniforms are made from either satin acetate, satin silk, raw silk or medium weight, polyester cotton twill. Either is suitable for tournament wear, though the poly-cotton is probably best for practice. Our absorbent medium weight polyester and cotton twill breathes well and is for both hot summer days and cool fall ones, and acetate satin looks stunning on the competition floor. When ordering an item, most of our uniforms have six colors available for body and trim. Red, White, Black, Blue, Gold, and Green.

Check out our new Malaysian style lions and Hong Kong style heads with long or short tail. High quality custom made laser (sequined) tails and matching pants with real New Zealand lamb wool trim will add dynamic beauty and elegance to your shows and presentations. Our lion heads are specially designed to our high standards starting from the very frame down to the smallest detail. We have even made sure to check the spool that controls the batting of eyelids! Most lion heads are reinforced with cloth that they will be able to handle the most demanding routine. In addition, we have standard competition size dragons, which is 9-person dragon, and also a small size 7-person dragon for smaller team.

Wholesale prices are available for distributors and school owners with a minimum order. Since we do order to make, all sales are final and non-returnable unless approved by the management.