Hong Kong Style Lion Dance Head/Tail (Style SL-12AG Lemon Gold/Gold)


Hong Kong Style Lion Head. Full (Head + Tail + two pairs of pants).

Bamboo construction.Style SL-12AD
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Hong Kong Style Custom Design Pattern Lion Dance Head choice of Long or Short Tail. The new Hong Kong style lion heads are stronger than ever. We’ve reduced the weight of the lion head by reducing the amount of bamboo, while reinforcing the frame with cloth. customers can choose to either have a traditional painted lion head or use laser paper. Laser paper lion heads stand out in any performance, but also have some addition benefits. The paper is water resistant, so your team can perform is rainy parades and still look stunning. In addition, the laser paper adds another layer of reinforcement to the lion head. These lion heads use real New Zealand lamb’s wool for the lion’s lip and eyebrows.


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