Massage Bamboo Stick Brush

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Wood Therapy Massage Body Stick – Fitness Manual Massage Clatter Stick

  • Massage with Bamboo Brooms – Is a unique shock-resonance technique that is used in China.
  • Relax – It has long been believed that tapping in a certain rhythm helps to relieve the burden of worries and achieve a state of deep relaxation.
  • Massage with bamboo brooms benefits the entire body and allows you to target problem areas.
  • Bamboo sticks are used for light massage, improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • Bamboo broom – An environmentally friendly massager! Handy Size – Bar length 17.5in (44cm), handle length 5.1in (13cm). Whole product length:22.5 inch (57cm).
  • Bamboo broom had roughly ~80 bamboo sticks bundle altogether.
  • Imported Item from China

Demonstration sample video:


Wood Therapy Massage Body Tool – Fitness Manual Massage Clatter Stick


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